Press Release - updated: May 11, 2016
Seattle, Washington, May 11, 2016 (Newswire.com) - Over 10,000 join CommHubb.com effort to Occupy the Internet in its’ first 10 days! They not only plan to occupy, they plan to own and control the Internet.
The people at CommHubb.com have a mission. Not only are they going to occupy the Internet, they plan on making sure that people, and not corporations or politicians, will own and control the Internet! And they seem to be succeeding so far supported by the fact that over 10,000 “member/owners” have joined the effort in just its’ first 10 days of operation.
Vashek Mohr, one of three “senior” Founder’s, sums it up as follows, “I’m 63 years old, semi-retired, and I have the expertise and the time to make this happen!” says Mohr. “Watching the Internet being controlled and manipulated by the greedy and corrupt is what inspired me to do this. We have to make changes before it is too late!”
But what changes are necessary? CommHubb’s creed gives some insight as to their objectives and the changes needed. It says:
The Internet was created by people and it was created for people. In addition to almost all the knowledge in the world, it now contains the very essence of humanity i.e. our successes and failures; our hopes and dreams; our nightmares and more.
We believe the global Internet should ONLY be owned and controlled by the people of the world, as a whole, instead of oligarchies, corporations, and politicians.
Therefore we can not - we must not - ever allow one person, or one group, to obtain any amount of control over the Internet. The results could be disastrous for all of humanity.
CommHubb was created for two reasons. The first is to Occupy the Internet. The second is to ensure that people, not greed and corruption, will own and control the Internet.
And you may, rightfully so, be wondering just how CommHubb plans to accomplish this. “The Internet thrives on advertising revenues. People generate those revenues. Therefore people have the power to effect change. We will use people power to make this happen.” Mohr continued. “Just picture tens, if not hundreds, of millions of people around the world coming together, as one, and saying that the Internet belongs to them! Once we accomplish that, then we will do an Initial Public Offering and begin building and/or acquiring our own free, worldwide, high speed, ISP that will be 100% owned and controlled by people.”
“We encourage everyone to join with us. We’ll give you 5 shares of stock and 5 units of profit sharing just for joining – no catch. We want everyone to be an owner as well. We even offer the opportunity to earn more money, stock, profit sharing, and it’s all 100% free.” added Mohr. “This will truly belong to the people!”
The three CommHubb partners are all over 60 and “semi-retired”. They plan on managing the growth of CommHubb for “not more than 2 years or so and then turn it over to the younger tigers” and then officially retire. For their efforts, the 3 partners will receive a whopping 3%, 1%, and 1% of the new corporation. And since this innovative program was created and fully funded by these three - that seems to be quite a bargain.
Source: CommHubb.com