Africa Development Promise was founded on the simple belief that we build our programs from within — local knowledge, values and practices to boost acceptance and uptake of our strategies.  We start with agriculture because it is a way of life in Africa and over 70% of the rural poor rely on subsistence farming for food security and employment. We promote the cooperative model of enterprise because it is a natural extension of the informal, traditional African system of cooperation, sharing and reliance practiced in rural communities that has helped them survive. It also allows members to pool resources (money, labor, share knowledge) to create economies of scale.  Lastly, we support women farmers because according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), if women farmers have the same access to productive resources as their male counterparts, they increase yields on their farms by 20–30% . This is significant because typically when women’s productivity and income increases, the overall health, nutrition and economic benefits to the family are increased.

We envision flourishing rural communities across Eastern Africa where the poor can harness their creativity, innovation and hard work to generate sustainable economic growth that brings prosperity and independence.

Africa Development Promise serves as a catalyst for economic growth by building well-managed, competitive, and profitable agricultural cooperatives aiming to strengthen the local economy while achieving long-term positive change. We are committed to the cooperative-enterprise model that is democratically owned, controlled and provides benefit to individual members and the greater community.