African Is Cool was formed in 2006 to promote and implement web-based corporate communications to enhance corporate governance and investor relations in Africa. We do this not as a sideline to broking or public relations, or any other business, but as our core focus.

Our definition of “investor relations” is that:

“Investor relations is a corporate governance responsibility that integrates finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance to enable effective, secure and simultaneous two-way communication of critical financial information primarily through the Internet, but also via a broad range of communication channels, to all shareowners and stakeholders in order to promote fair equity valuation, management credibility and enhance overall corporate reputation”

We provide listed companies in Africa with a complete, Africa-relevant investor relations solution in order to ensure that African listed companies fulfill their basic corporate governance obligations as they relate to shareholder and stakeholder communications. In addition the implementation of best investor relations practices further refines the corporate governance obligations which, in Africa, are primarily referenced to the King Code on Corporate Governance, 2002.

Our core objectives are therefore to:-

Remove all barriers to the use of technology in corporate communication and investor relations in Africa

Ensure that communications obligations toward shareholders and stakeholders are met

Promote best investor relations practices and provide tangible improvements in corporate governance

Be at the forefront of innovation in communication for the benefit of our clients

Promote investment into Africa

Our products mean that directors and management can concentrate on running their business safe in the knowledge that all of the fears and issues that come with the management of running a corporate website are removed, whilst at the same time differentiating their company and their company’s management from their peers.

African Is Cool achieves these objectives in a seamless, effective, low cost way.