Who We are
Mission: Agele was founded with the goal of providing nourishing and non-irritating natural and organic skin care formulation for all skin types. The patented technology, BioActive™ is used in the development of our products. It activates a cell regenerative process which ensures the delivery of ingredients to skin receptors activating the natural moisturizing factors in our body.
Agele skin care system combines timeless herbal formulation with cutting-edge science. Each patent-pending formula contains a minimum of 12 key ingredients designed to help protect and renew your skin in a powerful new way.

What We Create:  
BioActive Facelift Mask in combination with our clinical proven Advanced  Organic potent serums through foliar plant process (link to what it is), pure, natural skin care products for all ages, and ethnicities.  Our revolutionary organic platinum anti-aging products with BioActive ingredients that penetrate your skin’s unique needs, recontour, tone, and refine to reveal the look of optimal facelift that does not cost you thousands of dollars