Agence Demilo is a unique, dynamic consultancy with an innovative approach to public relations, offering a personal service to individuals and organisations in the private and public sectors.   Our tenacious, quirky methods ensure dramatic and effective results for our clients.  

Created by Lorraine and Michael Wylie, with backgrounds in creative writing, journalism, PR, architecture, design and the arts, Agence Demilo enjoys a wealth of media, business and political contacts throughout Britain and Ireland. However, because of our audacious, adventurous spirit, and our international connections, we are not confined within national borders. The result is, wherever our clients need PR, we can provide it.

Agence Demilo runs pithy, efficient, straight-to-the-point campaigns that get the job done with the minimum of fuss and without distracting hyperbole or histrionics.


Publicity ~ As publicity is one of our specialities, no matter who the person or what the product or service, Agence Demilo can create the media interest needed to more than satisfy our client’s requirements.

Media Relations ~ Through our established links with journalists and other media professionals, Agence Demilo can ensure fast, effective coverage in the press, on TV and on radio.

Crisis Management ~ By responding to difficult situations in a measured and considered fashion, Agence Demilo can protect the reputations of our clients, no matter what the crisis.

Event Creation ~ Agence demilo can create, organise and manage events that will secure the media’s attention as well as making a lasting impact.

Written Communication  ~  Agence Demilo has more than its fair share of creative and technical writing talent that guarantees striking, potent press releases, features, copywriting, speeches and scripts.

Lobbying ~ By liaising with our political contacts in local, regional and national governments, Agence Demilo can bring your cause to the attention of those that matter, those in power.

Talent ~ Agence Demilo is an exclusive talent agency that represents a select group of gifted performers, musicians, singers, presenters, and speakers.