AgentMailings™...The Foremost Expert In Real Estate Target Farming!
Servicing the Real Estate Industry Since 1997

Starting in 1997,AgentMailings™ began provided real estate agents the ability to target farm complete areas through the use of their Neighborhood Reports, now known as Home Seller Reports. These reports are designed to help agents acquire additional listings through the consistent delivery of newsworthy, up-to-date local real estate information and data to the same group of homeowners in any area or neighborhood chosen by each agent.  As a company,  AgentMailings™ realized the need for agents to be able to target farm the two other areas of primary business opportunities, Home Buyers and an agent's chief source of repeat and referral business, their Sphere of Influence. They then created specialized reports targeted for those two groups as well, Home Buyer Reports and Sphere of Influence Reports.

Each agent is assigned their own Personal Marketing Assistant who does most of the work to prepare their reports, enabling agents to focus their time on clients and selling real estate. With their proven track record of providing agents with additional business and the added benefits to this already successful program, AgentMailings™ has been able to grow even in a down markets.

Home Buyer Reports are designed to obtain additional qualified buyers. Reports are sent to renters of single-family homes and condos who have modeled credit scores of 600 or higher, by zip code and income level. Modeled credit scores is a feature only available through AgentMailings™ that filters out over 50% of all renters, enabling agents to focus mailings on prospects “qualified to buy”.

Both Home Seller and Home Buyer Reports are exclusive to each mailing agent. Once a target group is chosen, AgentMailings™ will never send any reports to those contacts on behalf of any other agent … period.

Sphere of Influence Reports enable an agent to maintain and foster relationships with the most important target they have … their Sphere. These reports can be emailed FREE or printed and mailed via the USPS.

Importantly, all AgentMailings™ reports can be Personally Branded. Agents wishing to “step outside the box” and establish their own unique personal brand may customize the look of their reports. The AgentMailings™ team of graphic artists works with each agent to create exactly the look they want.

One thing AgentMailings™ always stresses to agents is the need to “follow up” report mailings with “warm” calls that will significantly increase the number of leads generated. To assist in this, all agents mailing Home Seller or Home Buyer Reports are offered FREE follow up phone numbers pre-scrubbed through no call lists.

Recognizing that many agents do not have the time or desire to make follow up calls, AgentMailings™ has a phone center to make the calls on behalf of each agent for a very reasonable fee. Prior to making the calls, the phone center representative obtains a copy of the agent’s last report and calls the agent to obtain any special requests to custom tailor the phone script. This careful process nets an average of 1 lead for every 12 contacts reached.

With the combination of the industries strongest target farming system, a personal marketing assistant for each participating agent and free pre-scrubbed follow-up phone numbers and follow-up phone center, AgentMailings™ continues to maintain itself as the foremost expert in real estate target farming.