Irina Hill is one of the most successful and sought-after luxury real estate agents.

For 2018, Irina’s skills and unrelenting work ethics have been recognized with Rodeo Realty President’s Elite Circle award, which puts her in the top 5% of Rodeo Realty agents.

Irina found her passion for real estate through a two-decade business consulting career helping investors and homeowners with their personal, business and tax plans as their CPA and saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Once becoming a Realtor, Irina quickly went through training and examination to receive Premier Luxury Marketing Consultants designation, which is awarded to less than 1% of the agents in this country. Irina is currently working with Greg Luther, who is one of the best-known experts in luxury real estate.

Irina, her husband Curtis Hill and their dog Alex live in Beverly Hills. Irina’s keen eye for real estate allowed her to spot their Beverly Hills home in 2004, which they acquired beating the fierce competition of 36 investors fighting for the house.

In their strive for happier and healthier society, Curtis and Irina support cancer research at M. D. Anderson and the autoimmune disease research at Howard University. They also believe that every dog deserves a happy home and support various charities helping dog shelters.