Agile Marketing Solutions, L.L.C. was founded in 2002 by Sherrie Stuckey Welsh to support the marketing needs of small to mid-sized businesses.  We work in partnership with our clients to maximize the impact, efficiency and effectiveness of marketing activities.  Through a collaborative process, we strive first to gain an understanding of the client's unique business needs, goals and objectives.  Then we develop a customized marketing plan aligned with strategic goals and objectives and integrated with the client's business plan to achieve maximum impact.  Our marketing support extends from the strategic planning phase through implementation.  

We understand that strategic planning is a dynamic process and that changes in course may be driven by a variety of internal and external factors.  Agile Marketing Solutions, L.L.C. helps identify these factors and their implications, and quickly adapt marketing plans to meet changing business needs.   We strive to deliver superior quality marketing results that meet our clients' strategic needs and fit teir budget.

We implement integrated marketing solutions, with a variety of tactics working together for a more impactful result that would be realized by the individual tactics taken separately.  

Services include:
- Strategic Marketing Plan Development
- Brand Development
- Business Plan Development
- Advertising and Media Planning
- Loyalty Marketing
- Digital Marketing
- Social Media
- Direct Marketing
- Public Relations
- Marketing Implementation Support