1. We guarantee that our foods are based on primary products which:
• Derive from small local producers, who cultivate low yield farms on the slopes of  
 mountainous areas of exceptional biodiversity.
• Derive from certified organic farming and
• Are of high nutritional value, documented through analysis of the organoleptic
 and nutritional facts per batch.

2. We are committed to ensuring the safety, authenticity and traceability of our
   products through:
• Constant control of the certifications and
• Frequent inspections of the cultivations and the processing and bottling sites.

3. We follow closely the principles advocated by the concepts of “Fair trade” and
   “ethical consumerism”:
• By paying higher rates to small producers.
• By using only mechanical techniques for first-stage processing.
• By supporting local processing and bottling entities.
• By reinforcing processing entities with a low environmental footprint.
• By performing systematic quality controls in certified labs.
• By using recyclable packaging of low environmental footprint.