Agloves are a whole new kind of glove.

Envisioned and created by Boulder-based outdoor enthusiasts with a scientific bent, Agloves are everyday knit gloves reinvented for a touch screen world.

Before Agloves, people could be seen biting off their gloves and shoving them into pockets just in time to miss a phone call!  No more.  Agloves keep hands warm and work brilliantly on capacitive touch screen devices such as: iPhone, Droid X, Samsung, Tom-Tom GPS system, Barnes and Nobel Nook, ATM, grocery store checkout, iPad, iPod, MP3 player, Palm Pre, Blackberry Storm, Zune HD, Flip HD & other cameras…

Hint: “Ag” is the symbol for silver on the periodic table and is the most conductive element. Silver fibers are knitted throughout the entire glove, not just on the fingertips providing many benefits:

Precise texting. Touch screen gloves should let you text with precision and accuracy.  Agloves do.  Snug fingertips and lightweight design let users text and type at normal speed. 

All 10. Why settle for two or three fingers when you have 10?  Agloves wearers can type with all 10 fingers on full screen keyboards like iPads.

Warm.  Can lightweight gloves be warm?  Yes.  Silver-coated nylon evens out temperatures in your hand and traps your body’s own heat inside the gloves. If you participate in outdoor sports such as skiing, we recommend that you use Agloves as a glove liner.

Glove science.  Capacitive touch screens work because tiny amounts of moisture, salts, and oils on your skin allow electrons to flow between you and your device. With Agloves, the bioelectricity from the palm of your hand flows through the glove to your fingertips to maintain your connection.

Elegant.   Classic style.  Black is the new black.


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Agloves have been sold in five countries in three continents since their launch, September 29, 2010.

Featured on both local and national TV.

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