Top-tier websites use aiCache software to accelerate the delivery of their content while reducing cost. aiCache offers desktop and mobile solutions for portal, media, ecommerce and other sites.

aiCache can be implemented at the customers datacenter, in a hosted environment, or through a content distribution network (CDN).

aiCache maintains offices in the United States, Europe and China.

We are a team of dedicated individuals with a straight-forward mission: making web sites on the Internet faster, more stable and secure. Our goal is to make the lives of the operations teams easier by providing them with reliability and control of their environments and operations.

We are guided in our quest for ultimate performance, availability and protection by many years designing and operating the Internet's busier sites. We have deep understanding of the inner workings of website infrastructures and years of hands-on experience designing, building and maintaining sites.

It is from this experience and understanding that aiCache, our flagship product was developed. Over time we have added feature to meet customer demand. The development of our solutions is driven by feedback from our customers.

We are passionate about our software and will gladly spend time answering your questions and working with you on improving your site. From no-load friendly chat to consultations to complete turn key installations and 7x24 support, we're there for your site, every step of the way.