We know Penny Stocks.

That Hot OTC Stock that doubled yesterday.
Those Penny Shares that were just about to announce news.

We give out 40 to 50 stocks picks every year.

If you had advanced knowledge that your financial future depended on just one decision, how would you react?

Many people find themselves confused about what to do with their money – should they invest it or shouldn’t they.  Our mission is to provide you with the Best Penny Stock Picks that are ready to EXPLODE in the short-term.

We strive to provide you with the Hottest Penny Stock Alerts in the market in Real-Time! We focus on stocks that trade for $5 per share or less, some as little as a few pennies with HUGE UPSIDE POTENTIAL! Our goal is to inform you of the BEST stocks in the market before they move and in REAL-TIME.

These are the services we dedicate ourselves to.  Penny Stock companies, like Sunpeaks Ventures (OTCBB: SNPK) and Cannabis Science (OTCBB: CBIS), need coverage, their moment in the spotlight, so they hire investor relation and public relations firms who then design advertising campaigns to generate exposure to the investment world. When a Penny Stock makes a HUGE price gain, it can almost always be traced back to one of these exposure programs.

AimHighProfits.com is a website devoted to Micro-Cap Stocks and Penny Stocks.  The site also offers daily and weekly write-ups of American Stocks and Penny Stocks to watch as well as an intricate amount of information for professional and beginning investors.

As any financial trader will tell you, penny stock trading can be a high-pressure profession and one that’s certainly not for everyone. Investing in hot penny stocks is very risky if you do not know how. We at AimHighProfits, known as the “Penny Stock Prophets,” reveal the secrets to investing in the penny stocks to watch.  AimHighProfits offers a free newsletter to teach you about penny stocks and will give you solid picks for maximum profits. With AimHighProfits picks, it is possible to make 150%, 250% or even 5000% profit!

Friends, colleagues and business associates have always asked since the 90‘s how we accomplish picking winning stocks. The answer is simple: we merely pay attention to what works. Since there thousands of good stocks to buy now that qualify as penny stocks on the major exchanges in the U.S., you need a way to pick the good ones. Making good stock picks is simple when you apply what works vs. throwing darts at the Wall Street Journal (we actually used to do that in 1998). You find what works and you will be able to both pick winning penny stocks and finding profitable penny stocks consistently.

That is the real key to success in picking stocks; not just having, but owning a method to find profitable stocks, over and over and over again.

Liars can figure but figures don’t lie! When the market plunged in the late ’08, fear took over investors like an uncontrollable virus. We studied the damage and surveyed the wreckage looking to pick small-cap stocks that had some quality to them; Sales and Profits that were growing faster than their counterparts.

We analyze numerous individual strategies but we always go through a checklist on all our stock picks before we issue an alert.

Our Checklist:

Virtually each and every stock pick screening we run begins with a Momentum rank of 9 or more. Strong-buys and Buys, especially recently upgraded or coverage initiated stocks, and have consistently outperformed the market over the last 2-3 years. After that we look at Outperform and Market Perform rankings where we tend to find the majority of great candidates for stock picks. Whenever we’re in a bullish market, this is a great group to pick from.

One thing we like to see is if a stock ranks within the top 50% of industries. Half of a stock’s momentum can be credited to the group it’s in. So we look for to see the percentage of stocks in the group that are trading within 10% of 52-week highs which puts the odds for success greatly in our favor.

Fact: It’s difficult to make big profits in stocks of companies that have already outgrown themselves and need to feast on the smaller companies to grow. When you broaden your investigative lens and dive into the abyss for investment bargains, you can milk profits. Just like buying stock in Monster Beverage Corp. (Nasdaq: MNST) at under $3 a couple years ago, you could be holding the next $110 stock for the pennies in your pocket.

This is what the AimHighProfits Stock Alerts is all about.

Subscribe today. It’s FREE for crying out loud. And stick to the basics outlined above for your stock picks. They are a set of proven criteria which have proven results. We know we have one of the highest probabilities for success in picking winning stocks.

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