Whether you need temporary air conditioners or commercial portable heaters for a project, emergency air conditioning or heaters during a disaster, or backup cooling for your server room - call AirPac. Protecting your assets is our priority. We provide heating and cooling sales and rentals across the US, in all industries. With just one call to AirPac, your solution is on its way.

Managing multiple facilities and locations across states or the entire US is difficult. There is no time to waste when you have a planned or emergency air conditioning or heating outage. Why spend your valuable time calling a long list of contractors who don’t specialize in rental cooling and heating? You need a dependable partner you can trust to safeguard your assets and maintain the temperature while the central system is repaired. AirPac will solve your cooling and heating problems with just one call.

If proven equipment reliability and outstanding service are important to you, we ask for the opportunity to earn your business. You make one call and we do the rest. What do you have to lose? Curious? It only takes 3.5 minutes to view a quick movie and see how AirPac can help you minimize downtime and keep your clients comfortable, productive and profitable.

AirPac is a small, woman-owned company -- we're not "just another division" of a conglomerate. We use no off-shore manufacturing or design. We're proud to say we design and manufacture our air conditioners right here in the USA. We're doing our best to stimulate our economy and we'll work hard to earn your business. Whether you need 1 to 1000+ tons of cooling or heating, call AirPac - we'll solve your air conditioning and heating problems.