About Airium International

Based in Sri Lanka, Airium International (www.airiuminternatonal.com) is an end-to end cloud based hotel management solution with an internet booking engine, central reservation system and property management system. The system operates in over 210 hotels with 335,000 room nights available for booking and already broke a record registering over 100 hotels in 100 days on its booking portal, positioning it as the number one booking engine in Sri-Lanka today. It is the most recent addition to ANAi Global’s holdings, bringing supreme technological advances to the hospitality industry with the introduction of innovative hi-tech tools, including a passport and ID scanner for speedy and secure registrations, a Bluetooth mobile door opener and a leisure rental dedicated to holiday services and activities.

About ANAi Global

ANAi Global (www.anaiglobal.com) is a holdings/investment corporation owning an umbrella of cloud computing based companies that provide low cost, high quality technology applications (Apps) and networking solutions for. Apps are designed and engineered for environments that include enterprise, site offices, mobile, residential, commercial, and cloud. Solutions include Intelligent Networking, Payment Card PCI Compliance, Transportation Tracking, Hospitality Management and Innovation and Digital Interactive Mobile Media.