AIRTOTO is the world's most secure and fair blockchain E-Lottery. AirToto is an Ethereum Blockchain based lottery system offering greater autonomy to participants with crystal clear transparency. Our Financial and Technology innovation promises landscape changes in the e-Lottery ecosystem that benefits one and all i.e Participants, Administration and Us.

All records and data in a blockchain ecosystem are cryptographically encrypted but transactions are part of a public ledger. Traditional lotteries have been long criticized for their credibility but the blockchain lottery with its decentralized public ledger gets rid of this unwanted antitrust tag for good. Last but not least Blockchain based lottery games will be available online and borderless which very much solves some of the major drawbacks that traditional lotteries suffer from.

The Lottery Industry has long practiced a B2C model for operations and distributions. It is only recently that the industry operators are slowly transitioning to a B2B model for distribution and operation.

Technology evolution can easily disrupt traditional systems. And blockchain promises to do exactly that by disrupting the very structures of traditional Finance and Information sharing (internet). Airtoto believes that embracing the benefits of Blockchain now will better protect the Lottery Industry from impeding future uphievals. Blockchain will soon reshape digital economies and Lottery industry will not remain averse to it.