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AJ Services - Commercial Cleaning Service Company (AJCS) founded in 1997 at Chicago, IL - commercial cleaning company providing professional cleaning services to Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Las Vegas.

We focus on clients satisfaction and guaranteed that the janitorial services we provide are beyond and above the requirements for cleanliness and clients satisfaction. Based on long term experience, we have ability to improve commercial cleaning of any facility with our proved cleaning services methods we are following. We are pleased to provide our janitorial services to many clients is Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta and Las Vegas.

At AJ Services, we understand the importance of a clean environment, that’s why we do all the cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming so you and your employees can focus on the daily tasks. AJ Services was founded on the principle of warm, friendly, and most important professional and efficient service. All of our staff knows how to get the job done the right way and often exceed the expectations of our clients. We offer a wide range of janitorial services that we believe will fully meet your needs.

Call toll-free 877-59-CLEAN to request your office cleaning today!

We provide janitorial cleaning services for a variety of industries, including the following but not limited:

* Office Cleaning
* Commercial Cleaning
* Medical Buildings
* Restaurants / Pubs / Bars
* Industrial / Factory Facilities
* Fitness Centers
* Multi-Tenant Building
* Church Cleaning
* Auto Dealership Cleaning

Please log in to https://ajservices.us or call: 630-447-0555 for more info, great pricing and high quality janitorial services for your place of business!

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