We are Albert, Ruth and Arcenia Tafoya. A family that works together, plays together and enjoys life together. We are but a small part of a much larger family all dedicated to each other and God. Albert and Ruth have been married for 13 years and have tried to find new ways to grow as a couple and find ways to give back to the community through God. Arcenia is a young teenager learning to do the technical computer skills to grow with the business. She has completed her First Holy Communion and is going to classes for her Confirmation. We are always trying to find ways to spend time together and this is a business that we can all take part in.

Venturing into new opportunities the Religious Store is a way to be able to not only make a business but give back to the church and family. We feel it is very important to find a way to be able to help support our family with positive businesses and learning tools. To be able to have time to dedicate to our family and church and not be restricted the religious store is an online business that will help to build a future and provide products that will be close to other world wide customers that want religious gifts and products to enhance there life.

You will find that we try to provide quality and affordable products from around the world. These products may have a different meaning for everyone but can be special to everyone. Gifts that bring the meaning of God to someone on a special day or time in their life. We want to provide many types of products for those occasions such as First Holy Communion, Confirmation, Baptism, Quinceanera, and other important holidays that you need a very special gift for someone to say just how important they are.

Shoping online is the way of the future and to provide more customers around the world with products that they need for special occasions. We are dedicated to make this business grow to help our future and our families future. We would love to hear what customers want so that we can make this a great place to shop online and fulfill all of our customers needs for years to come. You will see our website change and grow as we learn how to make it work best for all of our customers. We thank you for your patronage and visiting The-Religious-Store.com.