I create high quality weekly blogs about the latest trends in the gaming industry, covering a wide range of genres and platforms. The main purpose of my blogs is to encourage discussions about PC gaming in particular AAA releases.

The gaming industry is always changing and I aim to create monthly comparison articles, showcasing changes in the industry in the past decade and the rise of virtual reality.

I've had a passion for gaming since I got my hands on my first console a Sega Megadrive, my first gaming experience was Streets of Rage, Sonic and Echo the dolphin. Since then I've played the majority of 'big' games and dedicate hours of my life to my favourite hobby.

I would say my best gaming experience came from several guilds in World of Warcraft, which I started playing in 2005, I've yet to play a game that comes close to the experience of organising 40 barely known people to participate in completing one of the many great raids Blizzard created.