The road to success doesn’t usually take a detour, but in singer/rapper/songwriter
Alexander Star’s case, that detour produced wild fruit.

Think of Alexander Star as an alternative route to feel-good music.

Love, logic and emotion are three things that Alexander Star’s music illustrates most
eloquently. And even though the southern native is quite wise on these topics, he’s also
no stranger to disappointment, hard work, and determination.

A. Star’s passion for performing started to take form in 2003 when he and two friends
(Lex and Smoke Diggy) joined forces to become the Free Agents Music Group. The
group’s acapella R&B, Hip Hop and Reggae vibes soon gained them thousands of fans.

Yet after performing at hundreds of venues, impressing plenty of “industry heads,”
having the financial support of a New York Knick and selling nearly 9,000 self-
manufactured albums by hand, the threesome was left wondering why they didn’t have a
record deal. It all came down to perspective: the guys realized that they approached the
industry like artists instead of businessmen. It became clear that before they could truly
be a strong group, they first needed to become strong individuals.

A. Star decided to go back to college and do some soul searching along the way. While
attending Broward Community College, he wrote and recorded the song that changed
his outlook on life. Warrior for Life, his first solo record in five years, personified his
life struggles including his battle with Type 1 diabetes. A friend pressured him into
performing it at his college talent show – acapella – and Star ended up winning. From
that point on, he understood that it’s much better to offer people your true self than what
you think they would want to hear.

A. Star went on to earn an academic scholarship to Nova Southeastern University,
and eventually graduated with multiple honors and a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Communication Studies.

“The artists who achieve longevity in the business are the ones who remain true to who
they are, evolving as they grow. Mimicking someone else’s success only earns you a spot
in their shadow,” observes A. Star.

“I love to write about things that radiate fun, happiness, positivity, and inspiration, and I
prefer to stay true to the ideals that matter to me the most.”

Throughout his grind in the game, A. Star is thankful for the lesson he learned about the
music industry early on: It’s one thing to be able to move units, but it takes something
much greater than a buzz to move people.

Maintaining his inner identity, Alexander Star totally understands the commercialism
of the music industry and the need for commercial appeal. He achieves a balance
between ‘consciousness’ and ‘commercialism’ that makes him a one-of-a-kind writer and
a stellar performer.

"I rap; I sing; therefore, I ring. Other artists do it – just not like me," he notes.

A. Star admits that the only music he prefers is “well written music.” A few of the artists
he draws inspiration from are Damian Marley, Jason Mraz, Lupe Fiasco, T.I., B.o.B.,
Linkin Park, Kanye West, Eminem, Akon and Frank Ocean.

This generation brings forth an abundance of music styles, industry tenacity, creative
branding and entrepreneurial prowess. Alexander Star respects anyone who takes their
dream seriously enough to pursue it without regret and is doing so himself without rest.
You can’t sleep in this business, and Mr. Star’s “Overtime Grind” is proof that you can
wake up to a dream.