Presidential reelection in Honduras?

I'm often asked about my stand regarding the National Party initiative to promote change within the Republic Constitution to permit presidential reelection. My response has been clear: Reelection would be the lethal injection to a democratic system we have yet to perfect here in Honduras.
In fact, our incipient democracy has not only not been fortified in the passing years, but has been severely weakened by antidemocratic acts committed by all the sectors of the traditional political class.

It's evident that the political events occurred in 2009, starred by the traditional political parties have brought upon devastating consequences for Honduras, whose effects we are still enduring. And I dare speculate that the worst end has been leading us to a state of social, economic and political crisis where messianic political figures have risen to claim solutions that would turn the country to paradise, which would be great if not for the fact that such measures are no more than simple strategies to remain in power within saecula saeculorum.

The proponents of presidential continuity through presidential reelection pretend to sell us the ideal that in order to provide a solution to the country's issues then a prolonged stay in power must exist. They present so called ''positive effects'' on their position, emphasizing that four years are not enough to mold and solidify successful governmental propositions to surpass the negative consequences  immediate to their decisions that if not for so would have lasting positive impressions. According to them, four more years merit them a chance to ''make things right'' through reelection.

Our weak and abused democracy, however, has no sufficient strength to bear with such arguments. The asphyxiating political reality highlights the exact opposite to what said arguments preach. The definite truth of the matter is that if four years are not enough to consolidate successful propositions then be it eight, twelve, twenty, thirty, even fifthy or a hundred years won't be either. Any potential positive consequence that could prove successful would be lost under cruel repercussions of the negative immediate consequences of governmental decisions.

With the reelection arc open to perputuity, there will be no incentive left to ''make things right'' because any and all reelections are earned and stated by ''doing what must be done'' to achieve it. And this leads us to the legitimate reason on why our tumbling democracy does not support reelection.  Something that remains a major truth to Hondurans is that politicians don't ask, they DICTATE what they want and that's it. They are willing to take any means neccesary to twist the voting urn results, even against the own will of the Honduran people.

The undeniable fact is that the current National Party Initiative has as objective to provoke the presidential reelection without consulting the people. At this point, and by common sense, we see ourselves obliged to question a political class that, without having resolved the slightest of our social and economic challenges, decides to alternate itself from the actual reality, acting as if they lived in Wonderland when the country is drowning in misery merged with insecurity.

In what moment do you spare the people a thought, politicians?
In all truthfulness, Hondurans would rather, that instead of presenting propositions for presidential continuity, solutions for each of the actual problems facing us were implented. That in the place of ''doing what you have to do'' to be reelected, you would ''do what has to be done'' supporting governmental plans that would impulse the systematic and integral progress of our country. And, of course, this would mean defining plans before arriving to a charge, to be implemnted during the four year government span. And, naturally, this is too much to be expected of those that simply seek the well being of a few.
Politicians, you are commiting a grave mistake, so very harmful and unwise. The only thing you will accomplish is the bitterness and weariness of the people against you.  If you truly thought of Honduras, you would not submit the people to a pending crisis fueled by selfish entities. There is still time to set things right!  

Alexandra Hidalgo
Entrepreneur, social activist, columnist, editor, writer.