We offer hard to find products from Europe, Middle-East, North Africa and Asia
Germany, Greece, Poland, Holland, Belgium, Turkey, Israel, Lebanon, Philippines, Algeria and our home made deli products.
From Germany we have famous "Black Forest Ham" from Adler. We also offer Irish Black and White Pudding. Try our old fashioned smoked bacon and our stuffed tenderloin with Hungarian sausage mix.
And our selection of cheese from Turkey (Tulum,  Braza de Burduf), Bulgaria or Holland.
We also have FA soap, Milka chocolate, Turkish Delight, olives, plive paste, halva, figs, dates, fruit preserves and Jams, coffee from Turkey and Lebanon.


Dry Hungarian - Kolbasz
Fresh Hungarian mild
Fresh Hungarian Hot
Italian Sausage
Dry Beer Sausage
Romanian "Trandafir"
British Bangers
Polish Kielbasa
Bavarian Bratwurst
Chicken & Rosemary
German Weiner