Unparalleled to any other company in the Monmouth, County New Jersey area, we provide a large array of commercial and residential kitchen and bathroom services that can’t be duplicated. Under one roof with one family, we can help a customer from there initial design ideas to their product selections, final layout and building. Please, read the following and only begin to understand the unique services we provide and how we separate ourselves from everyone else.


    Square One Custom Builders is a fast growing “hands on” building and additions company with a fresh new view into the building business. Family owned and operated with 2 generations and 20 years of experience; we provide services that are truly unique and different in the industry. After years of being in the building business we decided to extend our services and also provide customers with there interior needs for products and installations. From smaller renovations to multi-million dollar commercial or residential building projects we service all of a clients needs with our firm.    
    “While keeping respectful and traditional values of conducting a building business a high priority, we bring a new and fresh approach by also providing products and first class services to our customers.” Anthony Alfano


    The Kitchen and Bath Showroom is our retail location in Oakhurst, NJ. The idea behind The Showroom is to make it easier for customers to renovate or build their residential or commercial space. Our family decided to take all of the products necessary to remodel the interior of the home or office and place them on display in one showroom. From kitchen cabinets, various counter top materials, stone, ceramic and porcelain tiles to bathroom vanities, fixtures and hardwood flooring we have it all. We also offer at-home and in-store design consultations to serve potential and existing customers with the attention they need. We help to take the ideas in there head to reality in their home or office. Our family has made choosing products a stress free and enjoyable process; as there is no more traveling to different places to choose all of your materials; everything is under our roof.

    “Whether designing a small office, large home or retail space, our family sticks to its roots of providing a family business atmosphere. We provide all customers with the personal attention they need to feel like they are part of our family.” Michael Alfano Jr.


    Alfano Renovations is the original foundation and building block of our family owned and operated business and began for Michael Alfano Sr. about 2 decades ago.  The progressive introduction of my three sons into the business over the past decade has helped the business to grow into the multifaceted service oriented firm it has become. It is not a typical construction company because we created an easier process for renovating and installing a client’s ideas. Our family installs almost every product we sell without a customer having the inconvenience of finding there own plumber, electrician, contractor, etc. A customer now initiates one phone call to renovate their home or office.

    “While times have changed, we have not!  Through the years our core business values and hands on approach have not changed. Instead, we continue to strive to become better and grow our business by providing honest and fair old fashioned business practices with modern day products.”  Michael Alfano Sr.

    We would like the opportunity to meet face to face and thoroughly explain the services we provide.