AlignRevenue helps B2B companies vastly improve their customer-facing remote meetings through its interactive online meeting platform, AlignMeeting.

AlignMeeting's interactive online meeting platform is like a meeting room in the cloud, complete with a virtual whiteboard and agile, prepared meeting content. With AlignMeeting, remote sales and other customer-facing meetings are fully collaborative conversations rather than one-sided slide shows and demos.

• Discuss: AlignMeeting provides a canvas where customers can easily share and discuss their goals and needs. Sales reps can focus on the issues and outcomes that will drive the sale and success managers can fulfill expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.

• Decide: Reps and success managers quicken their processes by
obtaining and documenting agreement on next steps at the end of each conversation. Only AlignMeeting enables this visual agreement in real time and helps to avoid costly downstream misunderstandings.

• Document: AlignMeeting increases productivity and ensures clear internal coordination by capturing the salient points, notes and data from a meeting and automatically updating the CRM System — the only remote meeting system to do so.

• Data: While AlignMeeting provides significant benefit to individual users, the platform delivers deep customer intelligence to Enterprises — intelligence that helps them prioritize activities and budgets and build strategies that give them a distinct competitive edge.

AlignMeeting is available via private trial.