Alika brings to you hand machine embroidered and stitched garments from the center saris, salwar sets, nighties, towels, dupattas and so on with embroidery work. Alika Focuses on unique designs and color combinations with handpicked elegance
This is the handiwork of women who believe that a stitch in time earns nine! And therein lies the threads of a success story of women who have mastered the art of turning a plain Jane of a sari or a material into a designer piece with a stitch here and and a stitch there.
Pearly Manohar learnt the intricacies of embroidery and tailoring from her mother-in-law, Sophie Sathyasandhan. It was in 1958 that the late Sophie Sathyasandhan launched Sathya Thayyal center in Thalassery, a center that taught embroidery and stitching and earned her a lot of disciples across the state who either run their own units or work in reputed firls. Today Sophie's daughter Ramola Francis and Pearly run the centre where cutting, stitching machine and hand embroidery, cut work, net work, knitting, crochet, bead work and new trends in embroidery are taught