7-year Investigation Proves Michael Jackson Faked His Death!


"Alive 2 Michael Jackson The Great Xscape" is the 2nd installment of a trilogy of documentaries that has uncovered the proof, evidence and clues (all based on FACTS) that Michael JOE Jackson pulled off the GREATEST HOAX IN HISTORY!

You have to admit, it was suspicious that the day after he finished recording enough footage to complete his "THIS IS IT" documentary, he dies??  But that's covered in the first "Alive Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?" documentary that was released via Netflix in 2011.

In this newly released documentary, Michael Jackson will speak to us through his words, lyrics, music, handwritten notes, short films, actions, and photographs leading us to conclude that he faked his death to XSCAPE his fame, the attacks, and the allegations.

"Alive 2 Michael Jackson The Great Xscape" focuses on the legalities of how he did it, why he did it, how long he planned it, and most of all, explains why he broke no laws faking his death!

After all, the body was only identified by his California Driver's License and neither his mother, Katherine, nor father, Joseph, ever saw that dead body.  

There's plenty of proof the Jackson family, including Prince and Paris, have helped in leaving clues and the entire family is represented in this documentary.

"Alive 2 Michael Jackson The Great Xscape" suggest that Dr. Conrad Murray was wrongfully prosecuted and he was a part of the plan.

During the past 7 years, Michael Jackson's most active online fanbase has been assisting in the investigation into the "death" of Michael Jackson, in which there are literally over 100 million views about his death hoax all over the internet, especially on youtube.

This has been an underground swelling of information that has not yet broke through to the mainstream media.  Investigative journalist, Pearl Jr, has been the face of the death hoax online, and due to her reporting of Michael Jackson's 2005 trial, as credentialed media, she was recruited, by the fans, to research the "death" of Michael Jackson.  The results of this investigation proves, undoubtedly, that Michael Jackson faked his death.  

The 3rd installment of this trilogy, "Alive III Michael Jackson The Living Dead", is currently in post-production.

"Alive 2 Michael Jackson The Great Xscape" is available worldwide on Video-On-Demand on Vimeo.com and Amazon.com, Blu-ray and DVD disc are available on Amazon.com

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