AllMedx.com’s unique search platform provides clinically-relevant results from authoritative medical sources, using an exclusive machine logic algorithm designed to filter out irrelevant and unreliable links. Other notable features include:
•     Faster, more precise search results with no consumer links
•     Human-curated, best-of-the-best content
•     State-of-the-art user interface.

Physicians and other health care professionals will find content for all specialties, and can search all sources or refine their search by keyword or from among the following:
•     More than 7,000,000 MD-vetted articles
•     Proprietary filtering of PubMed, focusing on clinical links from high-impact journals plus the most-read journals in all specialties
•     Full-text guidelines and guidelines-related documents such as practice recommendations, practice parameters, scientific statements, and advisories from 230 medical associations, as well as abstracts from all guidelines listed in PubMed, important given the closure of guideline.gov
•     NIH and branded drug and dosing resources
•     Review articles and news from the world’s most respected publishers, including the five largest physician news providers
•     Information on 7,000 rare diseases – more than any other physician site
•     Patient education handouts

The site is free to users, an advantage over other sources, and offers a robust, relevant and easy to use search platform to obtain results quickly.