Our company with Certificate of Authorization C.A.28738 from State of Florida - Board of Professional Engineers, performs engineering and building inspections in Miami Dade, FL.

Our company was incorporated in the State of Florida in 2007.

We are a team of Professional Engineers and other consultants ready to execute concrete, precise and technically supported inspections.

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We are registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR), ORCA, Dun and Bradstreet, Small Business Administration, etc, to do business with the Federal Government and approved by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to perform inspections and Consultant work.

Our team of Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Mappers, Building Inspectors provide Engineering, Building, Zoning and Insurance Inspections and Land Surveying Services.

Certificate of Use Inspections.
The Certificate of Use is a Miami Dade consumer-protection legislation. The Certificate of Use discloses compliance with zoning and building codes.

CU Inspection reports are signed and sealed by a Professional Engineers.  

Our CU Inspection on foreclosed properties is obtained by a Company meeting all the requirements enforced by State of Florida and Miami-Dade County.

CU Inspection: please review the qualifications of the engineering companies and find why we offer the best service for inspections on foreclosed properties.

We have been performing these CU Inspections since 2009 when the Ordinance 08-133 was created.

Certificate of Use. Comparison.
Before you have an opinion, please compare all the reports for CU inspections  

Please go to the official County page for Disclosure of Findings reports below:


and evaluate yourself.

We have the best combination of report, drawing, turnaround time, price and qualifications to perform foreclosure inspections. We meet all the requirements from our County and our State to offer and perform engineering or architectural services.

You deserve the best.

Why use All Home Meters?



1.- We meet all the requirements to offer and perform Engineering and Building Code Inspection Services in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

2.- We offer the lowest price to perform these Inspections.

3.- We offer the fastest turnaround time.

4.- We offer the best report in Miami-Dade and City of Doral.

5.- We have the best Drawing, Map, Survey, Site Plan, Engineering Survey as last page in the report.

6.- We are a team of Professional Engineers.

7.- We work only with qualified, licensed and experienced consultants to perform other services incidental to our work. (Professional Land Surveyors and Mappers).

8.- Owner is certified as HUD FHA inspector and 203 (K) Consultant to perform inspections for the Federal Government.

9.- We are registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR), ORCA, Small Business Administration (SBA) to do business with the Federal Government.

10.- We are a vendor for many banks institutions and asset management companies.

11.- Owner of the Company is also a Professional Engineer and performs inspections.


A.- We have a flat fee, everything included, for properties with a lot up to 1/4 acre (10,890 square feet) or around. Our Engineering fee is a flat fee regardless the type, size or location of the property.  

B.- Our turnaround time is less than 5 business days. Please allow extra days for properties in City of Doral and even more time for properties in Opa-Locka or for properties found with additions, alterations or modifications. We always search for plans and permits in Microfilm Section and Property Appraiser.

C.- Boundary Survey is not a requirement to obtain Certificate of Use but at your request we might provide a Boundary Survey for single family residences, duplexes and townhouses signed and sealed by a Professional Land Surveyor and Mapper or we might convert the Engineering Survey or Site Plan into a Boundary Survey in our report.  

E.- We are one of the top companies doing this type of Inspection since 2009 when the Ordinance was approved.

F.- Our Report has concise, bold and clear prints, perfectly legible. Quality remains after printing, scanning, faxing, etc.

G.- Our Engineering Surveys, Site Plans or Boundary Surveys follows the minimum standards for the practice as required by State of Florida.

H.- Owner of the Company is also a Professional Engineer and perform Inspections. All our Inspections are reviewed before submission of report.