Allan is a network and internet marketer, helping others create wealth by sharing his skills in those fields and helping them set up a new stream of income which will often out-strip a normal wage.

In Network Marketing, or MLM he runs a thriving business building a team of distributors for a brand new healthy chocolate product which we're all actually encouraged to eat a little of every day!
He also mentors others from ANY company who have tried network marketing and either couldn't duplicate the success others are having or don't have any support & training from their company that they can relate to so they can build the businesses they dreamed of.

Online he is building his presence quickly by creating niche products and ebooks which others can use to build their own personal wealth by re-selling or using the information contained as a learning tool.

Allan also recognises that, in order for our circumstances to change, we might have to change the way we think things through or approach the challenges that inevitably materialise in business as surely as they do in our personal lives.
He is a strong promoter of practising some daily self development and has worked closely with NLP Guru Christopher Howard. He actively promotes Chris's products and uses them himself daily for 20-30 minutes.
Amazingly, in conjunction with Chris and his team, Allan now has some complimentary tickets available to the massive Breakthrough To Success events which Chris runs across the world. Snap them up, these are worth a whopping GB£895 each and they are my gift to you!
Check out the website quickly to see if any seats are available in your region - they go fast!