Allan Renshaw provides a much-needed dynamic contribution to the improvement of our human relationship with nature through powerful, timeless paintings that promise to endure and inspire.

Allan is telling a different story, a story about earth and origins - this is not art for art's sake -
He attunes himself within the psyche of primal nature and is re-opening the dialogue between humans and wild nature that once existed. He views this as being vital for our psychic and ecological survival.

Allan's artwork seeks to bridge the gulf between modern humans and our deeply ecologically attuned aboriginal ancestors, indigenous to Britain after the last glacial maximum - 10,000 years ago. Powerful 'image-stories' help re-align our consciousness in nature and contribute to the re-balancing of our psychological, spiritual and physical story and well-being.

These paintings are timely and unique and owning one provides not only a sound, enduring financial investment but also an investment in the wider ecological reorientation of our species.