Allegra’s Progressive Energy Group is a premier provider of electricity and natural gas, along with free auditing services. We specialize in providing companies control by lowering their energy costs and maximizing the return on their energy investments, this also includes increasing their ROI on their building projects. Allegra’s Progressive Energy Group’s relationship with all of our reputable electricity and gas suppliers has been established throughout the years. Since we are not tied to only one supplier we are able to provide the best savings to their customers.

Progressive Energy Group was cofounded by Chris Childress, who was the President of Nicor’s non-regulated Energy and Service Contract subsidiary and Arnie Schramel, who was the Chief Operating Officer of Nicor’s non-regulated Energy and Service Contract subsidiary. With over 75 years of combined industry experience, the Progressive Energy Group understands the importance of energy management and the impact that high energy costs can have on operating budgets.