30-Year, Higher Education Veteran to Assume Top Position and Accelerate Growth

ATLANTA, Ga. July 8th, 2020 – All For One Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives of children around the world by improving social conditions, educational opportunities, and healthcare availability, announced today that Newton Myvett has been named President of the Foundation leading the growing global organization.  Mr. Myvett will oversee full operations and fundraising initiatives for expanding international charity.  
“The foundation is elated to welcome Mr. Myvett to propel our critical mission forward,” said Jeff Levitan, Founder, and Chairman of the Board. “Newton is an exceptional leader with a proven history of transformation.”
“I am truly humbled by this opportunity. To serve a worthwhile and meaningful purpose, and one that is in line with my beliefs while changing the lives of children around the world is heartening,” Myvett said.  “I am inspired by the mission of changing lives and creating hope for future generations. I am looking forward to serving the All For One Foundation and carrying out Jeff and Cam’s vision.”
Born and raised in Belize City, Belize Central America, Mr. Myvett through hard work, commitment, and humble beginnings opened doors, inspiring thousands of students around the world throughout his tenure in higher education.  He began his career in the United States in New York working as a liaison with the community to provide a bridge for the underserved.  Courteously and with pride, he embraced his responsibilities not allowing his tasks to be defined by a title but defined through his vision to grow and impact others. The opportunity to inspire prospective students to pursue educational goals swiftly turned into a productive career path in making a difference in the lives of others.
Mr. Myvett brings more than 25 years of experience in higher education leadership having served as President for The Art Institute of Atlanta, The Art Institute of Charleston, The Art Institute of Austin, and The Art Institute of Phoenix. He also led The Art Institutes globally, as Vice President of Admissions.

Prior to joining The Art Institutes, Mr. Myvett served as Vice President and Senior Director of Admissions for the largest Devry University located in New York and was later promoted to Dean of Enrollment for all of the Devry campuses for the state of Florida.
“For Newton Myvett, education isn’t a game-changer, it’s a life-changer, said, Levitan. “This belief is what motivates him to keep leading others toward being truly exceptional.”
During his vast tenure in higher education, Mr. Myvett launched several groundbreaking initiatives aimed at furthering innovation, interdisciplinary research, global engagement, international collaboration, and human capital development, all while broadening overall participation. And it is because of this extensive background that Mr. Myvett possesses the strategic vision, international expertise and commitment to research and education that will continue to build awareness for the All For One Foundation.
His proudest moments while serving as an educator derived from the exceptional work dedicated to building lasting relations with youth and communities.  Most notably, Mr. Myvett developed a strategic relationship with the Harvard Debate Council, which enabled high school students the opportunity to participate at the annual Harvard Debate Team. His humanitarian efforts involved voluntary work for Habitat for Humanity Brush with Kindness Initiative while sponsoring meals for Atlanta Mission and The Ronald McDonald House, just to name a few.  
Today’s challenges expand the innovative ideas for the creative and critical thinking of future leaders.

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All For One is a growing international children's charity that is dedicated to changing the lives of children around the world by improving social conditions, educational opportunities, and healthcare availability. It was founded in late 2002 in Chicago, Illinois by Jeff Levitan.

All For One focuses on creating hope for children around the world through HEALTH and EDUCATION and collaborates with other organizations.  Partnered with leading charitable organizations such as the Red Cross, CARE to improve conditions and create hope for children around the world.  Lead initiatives in Uganda,  Guinea, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Columbia, and Haiti.