Since 2005 Allied Tech supply, LLC has manufactured advanced ceramic and advanced composite components using a unique, proprietary injection molding process which efficiently produces complex shapes for demanding applications where metals and plastics fall short.
 Advanced ceramics are high-tech materials that withstand high temperatures and high mechanical stresses, are very stable, resist chemical attack, and exhibit extreme wear characteristics.
 These outstanding properties also make advanced ceramics very costly and time consuming to machine into complex shapes and requires expensive diamond tooling. ATS's injection molding eliminates or greatly reduces the need for machining by forming the shape net shape or near net shape.
  ATS produces it's own feedstock for molding which provides the ultimate in control and consistency. It also allows ATS to mold your custom part with the advanced ceramic that best suits your application.
  In 2005 ATS partnered with EverFab, Inc. of East Aurora, NY; a world class machine and tool shop. EverFab's abilities have allowed ATS to produce advanced ceramic components with the most demanding dimensional requriements.