Lonnie Allsbrooks Announces Candidacy for Houston City Council District E                                                                                                  Houstonian aims to bring equal support for each community in District E.   Lonnie Allsbrooks is Experience in Service.                                                                                                         Houston, TX (OPENPRESS) August 14, 2012--Lonnie Allsbrooks has announced his intent to become a candidate for Houston City Council District E.                                                                                                  Lonnie Allsbrooks, a successful entreprenuer from Houston, has decided to run for the November 2012 Special Election, City of Houston District E.  Living in areas of District E for over 20 years, he has a special appreciation  for this district and realizes the potential for growth, changes and equal support.  Lonnie's own experiences in District E has given him an understanding of the many issues and challenges that must be attacked and solved.  Some of Lonnie's priorities are safety regulations being followed correctly on the Port of Houston, streets and traffic safety in all areas, flooding and drainage fees distributed fairly and reviewing the number of police officers  in all areas and their priorities.   Lonnie stated, " The reason I am running for this position is to give the people of District E a representative that is fair and genuinely willing to take the time to listen and support the needs of the citizens of all areas of District E.  I am that person."                                                                                  Lonnie Allsbrooks was raised in East Houston, south of Market Street in District E.  Lonnie Allsbrooks is a proud product of the Galena Park School District.  Lonnie attended Pyburn Elementary, Woodland Acres Middle School, both in District E and  as the Fighting Yellowjacket's Student Body President and an officer in the Hi-Y Youth Government, Lonnie Allsbrooks  graduated in the  Galena Park High School Class of 1982.   As an entreprenuer and 30 years of serving the public in the hospitality industry, defines his diverse ability to communicate.  As a 2009 candidate for At Large Position 1 for the City of Houston, Lonnie Allsbrooks values and appreciates his 2009 supporters and  will use his recipe of experiences to serve all residents of  District E.                                                                                                Contacts- www.lonnieallsbrooks@facebook.com                                     www.lonnieallsbrooks@gmail.com                                                                                         Campaign-713-909-4999                                          Treasurer-Elaine Rose