All Scenes is compelling and easy to deploy. Content is gathered, organized, published and shared in the mobile world with unprecedented ease and flexibility. In simple terms, we create awareness & income streams for our clients by:

1- Designing....your selected web content to be seen on all smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry, Android). And our Allscreen Design System ensures your smartphone scene is beautifully formatted for any other screen it appears on (iPad, notebook, desktop etc.).

2- Creating... ‘Communities’ of businesses and organizations under various themes… like tourism, travel, tradeshows, fairs etc. We call them ‘Scenes’. You’ll see some at ‘Recent Scenes’.

3- Developing... streams of income for our clients thru sponsorships, advertising, and development of a mobile presence for each of our Scene’s partner’s.

For our customers this means ‘hits’, awareness & sales.

All Scenes Media UK is launching an exciting new project called CityScenes. Our aim is to provide UK High Streets with a significant increase in awareness and business through a combination of Social, Local, Mobile [SoLoMo], and traditional marketing. Our focus will be to create interest in specific High Streets history, community and local business.

In addition to business listings, we plan to create hundreds of thousands of pages of compelling content to drive traffic. Content will be of a historic, cultural, community and activity based nature. Each scene will have indexed community content in addition to the business listings. Allscenes has developed an innovative mobile web platform that provides unique development advantages for CityScenes.

We will use a wide range of disruptive and innovative marketing tools to drive traffic directly to the High Streets. We will drive awareness; generate interest and help High Streets attract their traditional and new shoppers as well as creating tourist awareness.