AlphaSeekr was founded in 2015 as a pioneering solution for retail traders who've lost money in the Financial Markets or want to jump straight in to potentially trading profitably trading their own accounts by following our highly accurate entry levels. We take away the sophistication and applied knowledge with the years experienced needed to trade profitably in the markets and allow you to see where we place our entry levels in the markets.

Since dealing with retail traders, we've acquired institutional investors too who use our entry levels.

All signals are chosen by using our own analysis. No Moving Average Cross over systems, no Sell when RSI is overbought and Buy when RSI is over sold or any algorithms are involved in the investment process. We don't rely on lagging indicators to show you entry levels.

This is a thoroughbred trading style that has seen many of AlphaSeekr's current clients make some good earnings.

Now there are plenty of good signal service providers out there, we are here just to simplify trading with our signals. Using techniques that have been used in the markets for decades; from pit traders to screen based traders.