Alpine Air Adventures offers safe and memorable outdoor Banff adventures. From backcountry skiing and snowboarding to mountaineering, to ice climbing, we offer every Banff adventure imaginable. In the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, our expert guides offer every mountain opportunity to all experience levels. Whether you’re looking for the adrenaline rush of outdoor rock climbing, or you’re looking to slow it down with a Banff hiking tour, Alpine Air has an adventure for you.

If you love the snow, Banff adventures are perfect for you. Our backcountry skiing tours will take you through the rustic landscape of the Rocky Mountains and give you a taste of mountain life. If the ascent is more your speed, our Banff ice climbing takes you on a unique and icy rise up the mountain. In the warmer months, our alpine climbing and rock climbing tours gives you a different view of Banff, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Ascending through the beautiful trees and feeling the Alberta sun on your back makes this a magical experience.

All of our Alpine Air guides are fully certified IFMGA Mountain Guides, through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, and the Canadian Avalanche Association. They are specially trained in avalanche safety and we offer both mountaineering courses, and avalanche courses and training. Our well qualified staff of guides are ready to help you make memories to last a lifetime, and keep you safe in the process. Contact us today to begin organizing your dream ascent or descent!