AltMeds.com is the first of its kind complementary and alternative medicine portal where users, practitioners and vendors can fully interact and communicate to share, discover, research, and most importantly help validate all matters of product and treatment within the CAM community.

Our comprehensive and ever expanding library of products, conditions, treatments and philosophies delves into virtually all modalities and allows for an unlimited exchange of ideas and experiences.

AltMeds.com allows for users to post questions or comments, initiate and/or participate in discussions, upload articles, pdf's, video's and more, including the ratings of products and services and those that provide them.

Practitioners and vendors of complementary and alternative medicine products and services may actively engage in wiki style edits of content, administer discussions and forums, create clinic and retail storefronts, promote concepts and education via webinars, or upload video and published content in all forms, to both promote their efforts and to expand the knowledge base of what is the complementary and alternative medicine community.