AltGlobe.com is a website designed for bloggers and readers who wish to share information from the green, sustainable, spiritual, artistic, and conscious networks.
The website was established in June 2006 as a self-presentation and expression of the founder Aviad Giat and with time became a platform for more and more people to expose their own Alternative ideas, contributions, and discoveries in the form of blog journals.
We, on AltGlobe, are living positive change by educating ourselves and others and debating on the most profound issues of life and their positive alternatives.
Unfortunately, a big part of the world's population is still living in a manner that requires people to consume everything that the mainstream system wants them to consume. As a consequence, the extent and depth of education about the positive (and available) alternatives for life is not fully developed.
That's where we, as many other fresh and active communities, are coming into the picture. We took it upon ourselves to promote positive alternative ideas to whereever our hands reach.  Our online webinars and daily blogs are a great way to share these ideas and learn from each other.
We do believe that it is possible to change the world (people do it all the time!) and we urge each one of our members and visitors to enjoy the advanced way of living and the precious tips other members have to offer through their blogs and discussions.
We welcome you to explore and participate in these conscious avenues of living by bringing the unique spark that we know you have!
Blogging with AltGlobe does not cost anything! On the contrary, if our readers-community liked your blog, very fast, it will be featured on all major social networking websites and possibly talked about on the AltGlobe newsletter and other locations on our community pages.
Blessings and thank you for checking us out!