Altima International Group LLC is a specialty chemical raw material and equipment Market Expansion Services provider importing and exporting from the Caribbean, Central, North and South America. Complementing the business in the Americas, Altima counts with a network of suppliers in Asia that assist with in country purchasing and quality verification.

Altima’s industries served include paint and coatings, building and construction additives, inks, adhesives and sealants, flooring, personal care, food and beverage, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, textile and backing, resin manufacturing, compounds, plastics, mining, environmental remediation, oil and gas, bio-fuels, energy, fuel additives, lubricants, green products, household and institutional care, water treatment, pulp and paper, agriculture, and processing and lab equipment. Altima can provide solutions to most consumer chemical raw material and equipment needs.

Altima’s Market Expansion Services offer manufacturers a channel to promote their products in emerging markets through highly experienced sales, marketing and technical staff, frequent customer visits and efficient logistics. Altima helps customers by offering solutions to their needs, optimizing formulas improving performance and reducing costs, product development and presenting the latest market trends. Benefiting both customers and suppliers is the ability to serve as a “Supermarket” consolidating a variety of products, no matter volume or source at its facilities by leveraging the combined economy of freight, forwarding and warehousing costs.

Products and Services: Resins, Additives, Polyacrylates, Solvents, Associative Thickeners, Metal Driers, Ph regulators, Fillers, Cellulosics, Redispersable Powders, Biocides, Silicones, Talc, Epoxy Hardeners, Epoxy Resins, Bentonites, Catalysts, Coalescing Agents, Defoamers, Primary Amines and other chemicals.