Altima's personal relationships with this ultra high net-worth international audience, our impressive roster of resources in the luxury arena, and most importantly our ability to leverage these invaluable assets, is what distinguishes us from other public relations firms.

Altima customizes its proposals to meet individual client needs by delineating how each of the services may be used to meet the clients’ primary goals. A strategy is developed to provide them with added values, such as sponsorship opportunities, relationships with their target audience as well as with like-minded companies and access to a database of potential customers in the luxury marketplace.

Altima’s event-related services include identifying and developing a theme and venue that compliment the client’s brand; while simultaneously intriguing the audience. Altima handles all the sponsor identification, liaising, collateral materials, auction/gift bag items, event promotion and media outreach.

Altima also works with event logistic companies for vendor coordination, and day-of management, ensuring seamless execution with maximum impact for the one-of-a-kind event themes.  Altima is always prepared for media attendance at events, preparing key individuals for interviews, orchestrating photo opportunities and following up to secure coverage

Real Estate Services
As with any campaign, Altima will develop a customized strategy based on research and relationships.  For the real estate market, this includes market comparables and assessment and the utilization of existing regional, national and international broker relationships.

In today’s crowded market, it’s imperative to create innovative marketing plans. As with any developed community, there are multi-tiered target audiences that make up the fabric of a neighborhood. Campaigns are designed to appeal to properly targeted segments (such as physicians, baby boomers, seasonal patrons). As appropriate, events incorporate charities, media plans and strategic partners. Altima also leverages its personal connections with local community leaders and governmental officials, as appropriate to assist a client in moving a project forward.