Our firm, in operation since the early 1960’s has consistently been one of the top, privately held, family orientated wealth management companies in Hong Kong. Since its inception we have been focused on providing clients in the Asia Pacific region access to the best performing equities and financial products available at any given time.

Altrice Investment Co. Limited’s founders ensured that their philosophy of putting the client’s objectives first has stayed with the company and has proved a major element to the company’s success over the decades.

Our cultivated team of researchers and advisors has backgrounds in multiple industries and sectors allowing us to be able to provide pertinent advice, strategies and opportunities many advisory firms miss out on.

Being independent affords us the ability to step back from many investment opportunities and evaluate whether the investment is right for each specific client’s needs and objectives and this has been a key attribute of how Altrice has maintained such a loyal customer base.

In 2018, Altrice Investment Co. Limited introduced its ‘International’ office, offering our services and advice to clients further afield than just the Asia Pacific Region.

Our ambitions keep us ahead of our competitors, and our research, service and results keep our clients in a position of financial security.