Who is Margaret Albright and why should you care? Well if you care or not depends on certain factors. One of these factors is your desire to make money but lack the technical skills to make it happen online.

Marageret Albright is the creater of a program called My Instant Biz. She is mainly a one woman team that handles the main operations of the program.

Is My Instant Biz a scam? The program is far from a scam. You are given 60 days to try out the main program and 30 days trial to try traffic wave (one of the many services used by My Instant Biz). The trials alone are enough for you to decide whether this business is for you or not.

What is My Instant Biz? The My Instant Biz is a business that is designed around the use of traffic exchanges. After the initial set up, you are required to browse traffic exchanges for at least one hour each day.

As you browse the traffic exchanges, you are also exposing others to the my instant biz program. By doing so you get paid for referrals to some of the exchanges as long as your main source of income through the program which is traffic wave.

How Does My Instant Biz operate? My Instant Biz was designed in a manner so that almost everyone can do it. After initial set up, all that is required is surfing the Internet for one hour (using traffic exchanges). The most challenging part of the program would be the set up. It’s not challenging but can be rather tedious. You will be required to join the traffic exchanges (free) and set up your tabs for easy browsing. And THATS IT. Margaret Takes care of the rest. She follows through with your prospects and makes sure everything is running smoothly.

Will My Instant Biz make me rich? Not likely, but that is not what is being advertised here. If you are looking to buy a get rich program then please look elsewhere. Many members are making an extra 500 dollars a month using this program. Nothing is guaranteed. It all depends on the amount of effort you put in. Don’t expect anything to be handed to you.

Conclusion:  My Instant Biz is an excellent program for those that are having trouble understanding the technical jargon that is involved with online businesses. Literally, all that is required is from you is that you surf for one hour a day. If you can follow simple instructions then this program is for you.

Warning! For those not aware of traffic exchanges. As you surf for your hour, you will be exposed to lots of online business opportunities. Please ignore them. Your success greatly depends on your ability to remain focused.

If you always jump ship, you will always fail. Choose a plan and see it through the end.

Persons interested in learning more about starting an online business can go to http://www.myinstant.biz/s.php/index/freeinformation