Reverend Arlene Ponack, owner of Always and Forever Florida Weddings is a Non- Denominational Minister located in Orlando Florida who is licensed and ordained. Arlene works with interfaith couples and is open and willing to include traditions and ceremonial practices from various religions.

Reverend Arlene Ponack can be counted on to come up with just the right words to express feelings of love and joy. Arlene sees this as a time to tell the story of your love, and it gives her great joy to be a part of celebrating these happy moments. Arlene's wish is to provide you with beautiful memories for years to come as you enter into your new life.

Reverend Arlene Ponack is an award winning public speaker and brings that talent to each wedding ceremony. Arlene sees this as a time to tell the story of your love, and it gives her great joy to be a part of celebrating these happy moments.

Reverend Ponack is a Wedding Coordinator for Lake County Clerk of Courts and can help you obtain your Florida Marriage Licenses by Mail. No more  going to the courthouse and standing in long lines! Always and Forever Marriage Licenses by mail is offering an easy process for couples getting married in the state of Florida. Couples will not have to worry if they arrive in Florida on the weekend or on holidays when the courthouse is closed. Couples do not have to be a Florida Resident or a Resident of the United States for this service. Reverend Ponack can offer couples peace of mind that they will receive their marriage license in a timely and efficient manner.

Reverend Ponack offers premarital counseling to help better prepare couples for marriage. arriage is a lifelong adventure and the journey has its highs, lows, and detours. Every journey is unique and no two couples experience the same journey. Many couples go into marriage with blinders on and are oblivious to issues that eat away at the core of their marriages, which accounts for the high divorce rate we experience today. Good marriages don’t just happen, couples need to learn and grow together and develop a positive attitude. Premarital Counseling can serve as a starting point to improve your relationship and beat the odds against divorce.

Many couples go into the marriage having certain expectations or without having athe right expectations. Sometimes they expect too much from their partner. It is important to discuss things before your get married. Many couples do not discuss important issues and go into a marriage blindly in love. Discussing matters beforehand means there will be less disagreements which means less divorces!

With premarital counseling, couples can learn new ways to appreciate each other as well as healthy ways to deal with differences. Premarital counseling can help ensure you and your partner have a strong, healthy relationship which will give you a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage.  Life will hold struggles that will test your relationship. Premarital counseling can help you weather the storms.