Beginning in 2008, and continuing to this day, Republicans promised to do everything they could to obstruct President Barack Obama, and keep anything he supports from passing the House or the Senate. At times, Democrats have unwittingly assisted in this effort by not standing firm in their beliefs, be it regarding The Affordable Care Act, immigration reform, women's health and choice issues, marriage equality, climate change, etc.

Americans for a Democratic Majority believe that in order for the gains we as a nation have made over the last eight years to continue, and for the future of our country and the world to remain bright, Democrats must retain control of The White House, and regain control of the House and/or the Senate in 2016, and beyond. A Republican controlled House, Senate, and a conservative leaning Supreme Court, threaten to erase the amazing progress America has made. We cannot let this happen.

Republicans are threatening to dismantle funding for The Affordable Care Act, cut Social Security and Medicare benefits, deport undocumented people, take away a woman's right to choose, put more troops in harm's way, cut the NASA budget, and deregulate Wall Street once again so that taxpayers are on the hook for risky behavior, rather than the banks and stockbrokers.

Americans for a Democratic Majority will fight for strong Democratic and Independent candidates, and we will fight against those Republican candidates that would turn back the clock on the progress we've made as a country. Please join us in this effort.

Rey Thomas

Executive Director

Americans for a Democratic Majority