Costume jewellery is back. Not everyone can afford those high priced silver and gold pieces. Here at  Amara Designs I have created stylish, affordable jewellery that is for every woman to to wear - no matter the age.

Add a simple pair of dangle earrings, a beaded stylish bracelet or one of my classy necklaces and you are rocking. Don't waste time or money on buying new outfits, simply buy fashionable jewellery.

A small home based business, Liliana has been designing jewellery for the past 3 years. Working with crystals is a passion of mine - whether Czech crystals or Swarovski. Many of my creations are designed with these beads in mind giving you the perfect look.

Can't afford expensive earrings, then look no further I have designed fun yet stylish earrings for under $10.00. With Christmas not to far away you can shop online and grab the perfect gift withour breaking your budget.

No hassles, no queue, no parking worries. If you are like me and don't like the hustle and bustle then shop at Amara Designs for all your speciality jewellery gift ideas.

Contact:  Liliana
Phone: 0409682401
website: www.amaradesigns.com.au
email: mail@amaradesigns.com.au