Amber Lunsford is a dedicated trial lawyer with offices in Sacramento and Los Angeles. She has devoted her practice primarily to the defense of people accused of criminal behavior and defending those who have been victimized by bullying at school or at work.

Ms. Lunsford has represented clients in all stages of misdemeanor and felony proceedings. Ms. Lunsford has represented clients charged with a variety of criminal charges, from driving under the influence to domestic violence; from the possession of controlled substances to armed robbery. Ms. Lunsford also has a long commitment to defending people accused of sexual offenses.

Ms. Lunsford firmly believes that the courtroom is a place where all people are equal. This is especially important for those who have been terrorized by bullying. She is dedicated to helping victims of bullying reclaim their power and put a stop to their tormentors by bringing the bully into court and pursuing courtroom remedies against school districts and those in a position to best put an end to the behavior as soon as it becomes known. No person should suffer from bullying alone and in silence.

Ms. Lunsford studied political science and psychology at the University of San Diego. The study of political science taught her the power of words and the study of psychology taught her how people, and juries, make decisions. Ms. Lunsford earned her J.D. at University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law with a concentration in Criminal Law. Ms. Lunsford graduated with the Capitol Commendation for Public Service as a result of devoting much of her time to indigent defense. During law school, she worked as a certified legal intern at the Federal Defender for the Eastern District of California, the Stanislaus County Public Defender, and the San Joaquin Public Defender. Prior to her admission to the bar, she served as a post-bar intern in the felony unit of the San Diego County Primary Public Defender.