Connects specialists
Develops administrators
Inspires leaders
Advances careers
Broadens perspectives
Fosters relationships
Recognizes achievement
Strengthens healthcare

Founded in 1957, AAMA is an association of multidisciplinary healthcare management at all levels, within all types of health organizations by:  
•Developing and refining effective leadership, management concepts, and practices in the field of healthcare administration.
•Promoting the advancement of members' knowledge, professional development, credentials and personal achievements through continuing education and research in healthcare management provided by the AAMA Foundation.
•Providing Colleges that focus on specific specialties of healthcare administration.
•Establishing a Code of Ethics to guide healthcare leaders in the practice of medical administration.
•Defining Strategic Initiatives to steer AAMA's attention and resources.

To advance excellence in healthcare leadership through individual relationships, multidisciplinary interaction, practical business tools and active engagement.

To be the recognized catalyst for inspiring healthcare administrators to advance themselves in positions of leadership.

Specialty Colleges (each group is formally known as The American College of . . .)

Cardiovascular Administrators (ACCA)
Contingency Planners (ACCP)
Federal Healthcare Administrators (ACFHA)
Healthcare Information Administrators (ACHIA)
Neuroscience Administrators (ACNA)
Oncology Administrators (ACOA)
Small or Rural Healthcare (ACSRH)

Our diverse membership represents multiple specialties, all levels of healthcare administration, and the federal, public and private sectors.
We value:
The power of individual relationships to transform members into leaders;
Our diverse membership that offers opportunities to grow personally and professionally;
The early, unselfish and active engagement of members in AAMA.