A unique organization, American Conference Institute is devoted to providing the business intelligence that senior decision-makers need to respond to challenges both here in the US, and around the world.

Staffed by industry specialists, lawyers and other professionals, American Conference Institute operates as a think tank, monitoring trends and developments in all major industry sectors, the law, and public policy, with a view to providing information on the leading edge.

Headquartered in New York and led by Benjamin J. Greenzweig, Managing Director, American Conference Institute has grown to produce more than 220 events each year, attended by thousands of senior delegates from across the country.

Market-Driven Approach

Our conferences, summits, and executive briefings offer a combination of lectures, hands-on workshops, panels, roundtables and case studies to ensure that the right information is delivered in the right format.

Each of our events is based on a solid foundation of research conducted with industry key players. Before we can develop a program that delivers the critical information our delegates demand, we must first do the market research necessary to ensure we understand and hit the “hot button” issues for that industry sector. As an objective third party, we strive to add value to the industries we serve by producing unbiased events that balance the needs and views of different stakeholders.

Global Perspectives

American Conference Institute – together with its affiliates, The Canadian Institute (Toronto) and C5 (London) – offers over 500 conferences, forums, and summits each year around the globe. Over 25,000 senior business and public sector executives, lawyers and other professionals from the United States, Canada, Europe, Russia and CIS, China, Australia, Asia and Africa will attend our events this year.

Building Relationships

An important part of our role is that of “relationship broker.” We ensure that each event offers ample opportunity for our delegates to meet and network with like-minded professionals from across the country and around the world

Our sponsors and exhibitors tell us they depend on our events to help them reach highly focused market segments, expand customer networks, build brand equity, and make a lasting, positive impression on existing and potential customers.  Learn more about our Sponsorship Opportunities.

A Practical Resource

American Conference Institute also publishes comprehensive materials for the majority of our conferences. These materials are specially developed by the speakers and are designed to be used by delegates as a practical reference source long after the conference is over.  Learn more about our Publications .