Why we do what we do
Through the generations, family seems less and less important. Our purpose with this documentary is to stress the importance of family and working together. Everyone in our family contributes to this project in some fashion or form. From our daughters designing our logo to our son adding in some crazy antics, our family works together in a very unique and entertaining way. Fortunately for us, everyone in our family is musically gifted and we share that musical bond. Teaching our children the music industry and that dreams should be pursued is vital to our project. So many times in life we give up on our dreams and always look back wondering “what if.” We believe if people truly want to experience life, they need to remove the “what if” and start asking “why not?” Not only is this musical family on tour, but we also have crazy adventures as well. There isn’t a limit on what this family won’t try. From roofing old movie theaters in the Arizona summer heat to hiking down treacherous canyons to exploring ghost towns to building a trailer in Harbor Freight’s parking lot, our adventures will keep you wondering what will happen next. Our spontaneity is what intrigues most people.