American Image Displays is a top source for new display exhibits that provide inspiration for our clients and their customers. We’ve been providing sales tools of every size, from small tabletop displays, "pop-ups" and banner stands to large custom displays and islands, for over 25 years. We sell displays and graphics, but our main products are great IDEAS & fast & FRIENDLY customer SERVICE.

A successful exhibit helps business customers increase sales and gain recognition with their target audience. We attempt to match each client with display tools that best achieve this goal. We work closely to determine the combination of exhibit materials that best meet the combined needs of budget, desired identity, corporate message, and event location requirements.

Beyond the initial purchase of an exhibit, we work hard to find ways for our clients to stretch their event dollars. Keeping displays in top condition through yearly maintenance, restoration, and recommending updated graphics for new appearances often results in expanding the life of older exhibit systems well beyond the initial intended span. Along the way we typically develop close working relationships with our customers that last through the years as enjoyable social experiences.

We suggest lighter weight displays to save on shipping and drayage fees, and offer displays that require no tools during setup, saving additional costs during install and dismantle. In slower economies such as today every dollar counts, and renting may be the best solution for some customers. American Image Displays offers competitive pricing on rental displays, including full turnkey rentals, plus installation & dismantle services at events, and even storage and shipping support services.

We are located in the greater Seattle area and support a global marketplace. Sign up for our free monthly newsletter or drop us an email if you are working on a specific product display challenge - American Image Displays is ready and happy to help!